Online advertisements are a great way for service professionals to measure their success. This includes people setting up appointments and making calls. What can you do if people are looking at and clicking on advertisements but not converting? The problem is not with keywords or ad copy. It’s with the

Online advertising campaigns are incomplete without landing pages. After clicking an ad, the landing page is what an interested person will see. At this point, they can either be convinced to convert or lose themselves in the “bounce”, where they press the Back button. A compelling landing page is crucial to the success of any campaign. These are some ways to improve the effectiveness of your landing page.

Create a unique landing page for each campaign

Linking to an existing page of the website may seem like a quick way to save time, but it is crucial that the page reflects what was said in their ad. This article will not cover all the details of writing an effective online advertisement. The most important thing is to make a clear call to action. Here’s an example.

Get a free quote for your electrical project. Call or email us today to schedule an appointment
Fast Response and Faster Service

The most important elements of this ad are the “Free Quote” and the fact they will find your email or phone number when they click through. Although it is possible that a page on an average service professional’s site reflects this, it is likely it is cluttered with navigation bars and additional information about services the ad clicker doesn’t care. It’s easier and more efficient to create landing pages that are specifically designed for these ads.

Refer to the Ad Directly and Over and Over on the Landing Page

It’s usually because they liked the ad. It makes sense to ensure that the landing page the ad links to is reflected in that. The landing page title should include any mention of a discount. Mention a brand name in the ad. Importantly, mention that the ad includes contact information for calling or emailing. Even if it doesn’t, this is critical to convert.

Converting is easy

An electrician, plumber, or other service professional will likely expect that an advertisement campaign will only bring higher appointment numbers. It is important to be available for customers when they need you. It’s obvious that someone is looking for help with electrical home repairs. The landing pages should make it easy for interested persons to contact an electrician, schedule an appointment, or order a new product.

This is easiest if you think like a visitor to the page. This is their first visit to this page. What should be distinctive? Most likely a contact form or phone number. Customers don’t care much about the company, they just care about solving their problem. This means that the message should be concise.

A/B Testing Can Enhance Results Even More

Although it is not necessary, creating several landing pages and comparing them against one another can help you find ways to maximize your campaigns. You can, for example, keep most of your landing pages and the copy the same but change the headline. After a few months, compare the results. This is known as an A/B test. Based on the results, you can adjust things accordingly.
A/B tests can improve the ad campaign and provide valuable information about the overall website.

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